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Looking for a free guestlist club in Madrid? Luckily you have found Madvilk, we have been organising events & parties for over 20 years and currently work for large venues such as Joy, Kapital, Opium, Le Boutique, Teatro Barceló, Bling Bling…. if you want to join his free guestlist, just contact us using the button below.

The best way to spend an incredible night in Madrid is to go out with your friends to the most exclusive rooms in the city, enjoy good music and have amazing drinks in VIP areas or without waiting for large queues or crowds, this is possible with Madvilk.

You can sign you up for free guestlist as well as the VIP list of these clubs just by leaving us a name and phone number to get access to the best rooms in Madrid with us. so don’t hesitate any more and contact us to get access to the best parties in Madrid, just indicate that you are on the guest list of Madvilk and enter!

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